The best way to understand how we can help is through our video. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it here:

We are experts in helping people with special needs learn to be more independent. We are also pretty good at designing fun apps. Our aim is not exclusively to produce an exceptional learning resource, but to change cultural views and expectations for people with additional needs.

We know that building independence skills means building confidence. We started making video guides to help teach people the independence skills they need to feel happy and healthy. Then, we used cutting edge technology to help people access them as independently as possible. Our video guides are linked to the right learning context in the home or workplace through NFC technology. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is the same technology used in contactless debit cards.

The tags are embedded into our beautifully designed, brightly coloured stickers: take a look at our logo above, because it's exactly what the stickers look like. Getting set up is as easy as downloading our app from the Google Play store and sticking the pink tag to the right appliance around the home or workplace. For example, the sticker linking our 'How to make a cup of tea' video would be placed on the kettle, and 'How to make toast' would be stuck on the toaster.

Then it's as easy as touching an NFC-enabled device to the brightly coloured How Do I? tag and watching the learning happen. 

No need to stop with cups of tea or processes in the workplace: paper manuals get thrown away, and visiting friends always need a hand learning their way around the house. 

How Do I? is a simple idea with a revolutionary impact.