Early Adopter Programme

Early adopters, we need your help!

Have you got a great story about using How Do I?

Having a problem with it and want to give us some constructive criticism? 

We need to hear from you.

We are looking for more feedback, particularly on how you’re using How Do I? to support people to live more independently. Feedback is invaluable to us. It helps us understand what we are getting right and what we can do better – and it helps us spread the word faster.

We'd like to start a programme for our early adopters - the people who will help us make How Do I? the very best it can be. Members of our early adopter programme will, in exchange for their feedback, receive free stickers, special offers, event invitations and the opportunity to help shape and develop an innovative new technology helping those who need support the most.

Interested? Get in touch via email (hello@nfchelpsme.com), use our social media channels:




You can also give us a good old-fashioned phone call (or a less old fashioned WhatsApp message) on +44 7977 044637.

The first 10 community members who contact us with feedback will receive a place in our Early Adopter Programme Hall of Fame along voucher code for a free single How Do I? sticker as a thank you from us. 

Where it all began...

Learning difficulties don’t stop with numeracy and literacy. For people with additional learning needs, the tasks that keep us healthy and happy (and that most of us want to be able to complete independently) can take as much time to learn as reading or writing.

Zero Project Conference 2016

There are a lot ways to describe the conference: inspirational, helpful, exciting… The biggest challenge, perhaps, is to describe the Zero Project conference in a way that doesn’t sound overly contrived. The truth is that it meant many things to us, and introduced us to some of the most innovative and passionate people involved in inclusive education and assistive technology today.